The Jajoo Rashmi Group boasts a vast and state-of-the-art infrastructure dedicated to achieving the highest standards of quality and performance. Our advanced manufacturing unit is equipped with the latest machinery and tools to support our operations effectively.

From the very beginning, the Jajoo Rashmi Group has been committed to a transparent business policy. This approach has enabled us to build strong relationships with numerous suppliers, vendors, and transporters who share our commitment to quality and reliability.

To further enhance our operational efficiency, we have implemented a modern warehousing facility. This facility plays a vital role in securely and systematically storing our products, ensuring they remain in excellent condition until they reach our valued customers.

Within our facility, we have designated areas for specific functions:

Raw Material Segregation and Sorting

We have a dedicated section for the meticulous segregation and sorting of raw materials, ensuring the highest quality inputs for our processes.

R&D Section

Our Research and Development section is at the forefront of innovation, continuously working to develop cutting-edge products tailored to the specific needs of our global clientele.

Quality Control Unit

We maintain a rigorous Quality Control unit to meticulously inspect and verify the quality of our final products, guaranteeing excellence.